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distill the medicine of their souls into
potent books
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❣️ You’ve started writing your book, but it hasn’t flowed, and it’s missing the spark.

❣️ You’re bursting to share your spiritual message with the world, with so much wisdom from your life and business journey.

❣️ You’re looking for leveraged ways to have deeper impact, wider reach, more income, and you know that a book allows you to do exactly that.

❣️ You know YOUR book is a potent medicine that can cure unnecessary sufferings and elevate human consciousness.

❣️ You want to get the book written in a strategic way that also feels fun, joyful, easy, and aligned with your soul.

Welcome, author-to-be!

You have come to the right place.

I’m Emily Nature, your Book Doula & Creative Alchemist.



✨ Holding your book in your hands, marveling at the physical form of the essence of your soul, like a parent seeing their child for the very first time.

✨ Receiving love and appreciation letters from readers, people who you don’t even know exist, telling you how much your book has changed their lives!

✨ Knowing that your book has touched and awakened humanity and played a part in upshifting the collective consciousness.



👉You’ve been sitting on a book for so long and haven’t made any progress, or you start and stop, start and stop (hey, I’ve been there!)

👉You’re struggling to find time to write, lacking motivation, consistency and accountability

👉You’ve started writing but it’s not flowing; it even feels difficult and heavy. Or maybe it feels like something’s missing.

👉You’re so ready to write that book but just feeling overall lack of clarity and direction, or struggling to put down onto paper what you want to say

👉You have lots of raw materials and ideas (in your phone, computer, or even just in your head) but they’re scattered all over different topics. You know there’s a book in there but not sure what it’s going to be about.



❤️ Infuse that oomph factor, that “spark” of magic into your book.

❤️ Put the pieces together in a way that flows with a clear framework and structure

❤️ Know what topics to focus on and find the main theme that will bring everything together.

❤️ Magically find time to write your book, and also have it be fun, joyful, easy, while effective and strategic.

❤️ Write a book that feels aligned with your soul and is the fullest expression of your soul’s gifts to the world.


is a 1-on-1, personalized, high level support program with me as your Book Doula & Alchemist, where you will:


🦋 Connect with the Soul of your book & allow its Intelligence to shape your writing


What sets apart mediocre books and books that get readers raving non-stop is that the former is a product of the author’s mind, while the latter is a product of Universal Mind getting channeled through the author.

A book is a creative entity with an intelligence of its own.

Attune to the natural intelligence of the book to shape and mold its creative development. This is a blend between Structure and Flow, Masculine and Feminine creative principles, Soul and Strategy.



🦋 Discover the Golden Thread that pulls everything together


This is where we’ll discover the main theme, topics, structure, what to include in the chapters.

The Golden Thread is the one thing that gets your book created and written at rapid speed, versus the vagueness, confusion and lack of clarity that drags out the process for years and keep books on the back burner.


🦋 Unearth the hidden Gems and Jewels that make your book uniquely you


Many authors get stalled because they think there are so many better books out there on the same topic they want to write.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter.

Once you’ve unearthed your book’s hidden gems and jewels, you’ll be inspired to whisper, sing or shout your voice through it and bring it into being. This is what draws readers to YOUR book.


🦋 Release all hard work, struggle and effort from the writing process


Many books stay on the back burner for so long because the authors find the writing process too difficult, even painful. (Writer’s block, anyone?)

In our work together, you’ll discover that there’s another way to get your book written. It’s infinitely more easy, fun, joyful, even magical!

The best thing is that it’s also fast, effective, and highly rewarding. It makes the book much more engaging and impactful to readers.


🦋 Use Storytelling to make the book captivating and engaging to the readers


We’ll work on story line, structure, flow, coherence, clarity and power to make it a joy to read.

By making it captivating, you are increasing the likelihood of people finishing your book, thus reaping the most benefits from it.

Even with poetry, essays, collections of tips and reflections, you can ingenuously weave a story line through it. (Think “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran or The Bible.)

Stories sell and attract readers. Stories give your book the highest chance to be enjoyed and read by people who need it.


🦋 Discover a way to write the book that’s highly synergistic with your life and business


The book doesn’t have to be just a separate thing you’re doing on the sideline. It can be integrated with and having a positive ripple effect on your life and business too.

Written synergistically with your business, the book can generate interest and invite excited clients to step in to your workshops or trainings. You may also have many avid fans waiting to pre-order and give you reviews even before it is published.

A client of mine (see first testimonial at bottom of page) created 3 new offerings (an online retreat, a toolkit, a new service) out of the creative energy generated from writing her book. And they’re all inter-related!



❤️ A creative process that brings both the Soul and the Strategy together

This is what I’ve fine-tuned from the experience of self-publishing my own book “Songs of the Rose: Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart” and working with several clients.

Your book can be aligned with your soul and well-received by readers at the same time!


❤️ Storytelling

I have been telling stories on stage since I was 4 and have won several public speaking contests. It’s in my blood, the natural ability to grab people’s attention with opening lines, details and stories.

You can craft your book with me in a way that rivets and captivates readers!


❤️ A rare combination of being sensitive and empathic (Cancer) and highly communicative, articulate, expressive with words (Gemini)

This means I get you and the essence of what you really want to share, and I can help translate that essence into clear, captivating words that speak to the hearts of your people.


❤️ Intuitive ability to tune in to the Soul of your Book and your Creative Genius

to relay divinely-guided information along the way that sets your book apart, expand its impact, while making the process magical and fun for you.


❤️ A keen eye for good writing

For many years, I taught university-level advanced English reading comprehension and essay writing to students taking admission exams to US Ivy League schools.

Obviously, you’re not here to write college essays or thesis, but the principles of good writing for coherence, clarity and impact remain. I’ll give you feedback on how to write clear and compelling materials that make readers want more! (Note: You will still need an editor in the final stage.)


❤️ An eye for the content sweet spot

While being a content manager for an online magazine on conscious relationships and sexuality that had 1-3 million monthly visitors, I had developed an eye for provocative, high value topics with unique angles that people are hungry for.

With my guidance, your book can be an exquisite symphony between the music of your soul and the kind of music people are craving to hear.


❤️ Passion and knowledge in your topic

Having been a life and relationship coach for 4 years, worked on creating a sustainable New Earth community, and been on a deeply spiritual path, I’m most likely very familiar with the areas you’re writing about and can give you insights from a reader’s point of view.


💎 You have a strong spiritual message from your life and business journey that’s bursting to be shared.

💎 You have already been touching lives through your work, and now desire to reach more people and make a bigger impact with your message.

💎 You want the book to be fully aligned with your soul and be an expression of your soul.

💎 You’re in a space for leverage and amplification of your soul’s work.

💎 You know that you can probably write a book alone if you want, but are done with doing it solo and doing it the hard way. You value the support of a guide or a community, and you want it to be fun, magical and joyful.

💎 You want to be activated into your highest level of creativity and magic-making.

💎 You’re ready to stop scaring yourself and start taking regular actions


Activate the potency of your medicine into words & works of art that speak to other souls.

Alchemize raw, mundane materials along your life path into drops of gold.

Weave threads of light from your journey into a book fabric that wows and impacts readers.

Fulfill the highest potential of your book as a quantum technology to facilitate transformation and awakening for humanity.

Amplify the power of your Creative Energy so that you can channel it into creating change in other areas of your life.



💚2 x 45-minute, 1-on-1 sessions a month

💚Resource Library of pre-recorded video lessons from my signature program Magically Written (When I last ran the program, it was priced at £1666. These lessons are one of the reasons why my clients have written their books so quickly and effortlessly.)

💚Guided visualizations & creative activations to help you channel content from your book straight from the quantum field

💚Unlimited email access

💚Feedback and review on your writing as the book takes shape

💚Rolodex of resources and tools for writing and publishing

💚Energetic and emotional support, guidance, encouragement, accountability holding…

All in a highly activated container of creative energy and magic!



The program is customized to your book’s specific needs.
Program length varies from 4, 6 to 9 months.

Fast-Action Bonus: Masterclass on The Technical Process of Self-Publishing on Amazon. A 90-minute masterclass with Phil Goddard and I to walk you through the entire process of getting your manuscript ready to put onto Amazon and self-publish. It doesn’t get any clearer than this!

Phil Goddard is a published author of 5 books on Amazon, host of 2 podcasts, executive relationship coach, leadership mentor, and one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met!

Contact me for terms & conditions to receive this Fast Action Bonus.


to receive my support in writing the book of your soul and doing it joyfully, please request a free 20-minute Creative Diagnosis call with me below to find out if we’re a fit. I’m taking on only a handful of select 1-on-1 clients at a time.

In this 20-minute call, we’ll zero in on identifying your creative kryptonite, what’s blocking your writing process, and what would make the greatest difference for you in bringing this book forward.

This is not a sales call, once I have a better idea on where you’re at and what would serve you most, I’ll share about the option that suits you best, and if you would like we would explore it further on another call.

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