Magically Written:
A Creative Odyssey to
Birth the Book of Your Soul



💗Reading an excerpt from your book to a group of encouraging, supportive fans

💗Having a waiting list people who are excited to be notified about your book and receive it when it’s published

💗Holding a physical copy of your book: the actualized form of the wisdom from your soul

💗Receiving love notes and appreciation letters from readers, people who you don’t even know exist, telling you how much your book has changed their lives!

Yes. This awaits you at the end of Magically Written: A Creative Odyssey to Birth the Book of Your Soul.

This 90-day odyssey will take you through all 3 processes for your book:




This is creatively-designed structure that facilitates you to move effortlessly from creating to curating, to write the most soulful and aligned content in a fun and joyful way, plus lots of magic, accountability, feedback and energetic support.

It culminates in a Creative Salon where you get to read, perform, share what you’ve written to a group of encouraging, supportive fans, who are excited to be the first to receive your book when it’s published. This is my favorite pre-release model, through tapping into the power of the collective.



End of the Odyssey, you’ll have…

A clear framework and structure for your book: a Golden Thread that weaves everything together, title, main themes and topics, sections and chapters.

✨Solid, compelling and engaging content that has you feel confident to read and announce publicly that you’re publishing a book.

Clarity on remaining steps (if there are any!) to completing the first manuscript

The Odyssey

Imagine boarding a spaceship and going on a voyage through an environment of zero weight of criticism, so your creativity can take off and soar.

🚀Experiment, channel and write your content within a clear structure.

🚀Curate, pan for gold, unearth the gems that make your book uniquely you through highly intuitive processes

🚀Celebrate and showcase with a Creative Salon to wow others with what you’ve created on board, as the spaceship comes to a landing.

This is where you get to read or even perform an excerpt from your book in front of a supportive audience of our shared friends, families and loved ones.

This is where you get to tell the world about your book and get sign-ups for pre-release even before it is published!

It’ll be playful, exciting, bold, unconventional, quirky and delightful! ✨💗🌺

Expect multidimensional fun, surprises and mystery, in a highly structured container designed to help you make consistent progress with focus, alignment and accountability.✨🦋

Is this You?

👉You have lots of raw materials and ideas (in your phone, computer, or even just in your head) but they’re scattered all over different topics. You know there’s a book in there but not sure what it’s going to be about.

👉You’ve written content but no structure/framework for your book or no clarity on what the focus is.

👉You’ve started writing but it’s not flowing; it even feels difficult and heavy. Or maybe it feels like something’s missing.

👉You’re sitting on a book for so long and haven’t made any progress.

👉You’re struggling to find time to write, lacking motivation, consistency and accountability

👉You just want to begin and feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start!

👉You start and stop, start and stop

👉You either think your writing is terrible, or struggle to put down onto paper what you want to say

👉You’re so ready to write that book but just feeling overall lack of clarity and direction

Then this Creative Odyssey is definitely for you!


Check Boarding Requirements…

🦋You have a strong spiritual message from your life and business journey that’s bursting to be shared.

🦋You have already been touching lives through your work, and now desire to reach more people and make a bigger impact with your message.

🦋You want the book to be fully aligned with your soul and be an expression of your soul.

🦋You’re in a space for leverage and amplification of your soul’s work.

🦋You know that you can probably write a book alone if you want, but are done with doing it solo and doing it the hard way. You value the support of a guide and a community, and you want it to be fun, magical and joyful.

🦋You want to be activated into your highest level of creativity and magic-making.

🦋You’re ready to stop scaring yourself, but instead starting to take regular actions

Would you like to…?

❤️Infuse your Energetic Signature into your book

❤️Receive intuitive information from the Soul of your book to shape your writing

❤️Uncover a Golden Thread that weaves all the pieces together in a way that flows

❤️Unearth hidden gems and jewels that make your book uniquely you

❤️Write in a way that feels fun, joyful and magical! No more hard work and effort.

❤️Write in a way that speaks to the hearts and souls of your readers

❤️Make the book synergistic and complementary to your life and business so that it energizes you instead of draining you

❤️Be held accountable to actually publish your book

This is exactly what this program will help you with!

Itinerary Outline

Week 1-4

⭐ Activate your book’s greatest potential and destiny

⭐ Uncover the book’s Golden Thread and structure

⭐ Court your Muse and harness your creative energy

Week 5-8

⭐ Invite in invisible support and Genius information from the magical realms

⭐ Discover hidden gems and jewels that set your book apart

⭐ Infuse fun, play and ease into the writing process

Week 9-12

⭐ Bring your soul’s voice and vibrational signature to the book

⭐ Alchemize mundane materials and lead into gold

⭐ Create your Book Angels team

Week 13-14

⭐ Finetune and realign to honor the book’s evolutionary flow

⭐ Make your book’s debut appearance in a live online Book Salon

⭐ Prepare for the next steps in publishing

Schedule on board

This will be an intimate experience limited to 12 participants max.

Departure date: August 10, 2021


🔵  1st & 3rd week of the month: Live teaching and experiential exercises, followed by group Q&A

🟡  2nd week of the month: Co-writing (facilitated) + giving/receiving feedback to/from each other

🟢 4th week of the month: Integration or co-writing (self-organized)

🟣  Optional but highly recommended: Co-writing sessions with your Writing Pod


Group teaching & Q&A calls will be determined at a time that works best for the majority of the participants and myself. All replays are available. You can submit your questions in advance to be answered on the calls.

It’s important to me that you feel supported, held and guided every step along the way, and we will make sure it works for you!


Only 3 spaces available. FULLY TAKEN

If you want all of the magic of a group container, plus personalized support from me, this option is for you.

In addition to the group sessions, you’ll get your private sessions with me to receive personal feedback on your writing, customized exercises and intuitive guidance just for your book.

Jo Dyer
Flower Essence Therapist & Poet, UK

I worked with Emily for a few months earlier this year to receive support on writing my book which I’m publishing around Christmas time! She helped me discover a way to integrate the book with my business that felt really natural and aligned. I felt so much more in love with my book and the process of creating it.

During those months working with Emily I felt really connected to my creativity, I felt lighter and brighter and HAPPY!

I had loads of ideas and felt excited and optimistic – it wasn’t just about my book – I delivered my first online retreat and created a new physical product that I’ve actually started to sell!

Helen Turier
Reflexologist, UK

In our first session, Emily pulled out the clarity and consistency in the message of my book. The creative ways she used have opened my mind to gems of brilliance inside the book that I wasn’t aware were there before. She also strengthened my commitment to getting it done!

In our ongoing time together, she helps me overcome blocks, barriers, limiting beliefs, allowing me to tap into creativity and also holding me accountable for the goals I have set for myself. She’s helped me create a clear structure for the book to flow coherently as well as several ways to make it more compelling for readers.

With Emily’s creativity and intuition, I have become more creative and playful in the writing. Now I’ve got a deeper, richer book that’s more inspirational and helpful to my audience.

Ilia Kontou
Doctor, Greece

I had been struggling for years to find the title of my book. I was writing for three years, but something crucial was missing and that was the title! Emily with her wisdom guided me to connect on a deeper level with my creativity and the title just revealed itself. Then through this deeper connection, the chapters were revealed to me, the format, the drawings, the cover, all the ingredients of the book just fell in the right place.

The experience with Emily was very spiritual and led me to a real epiphany. She is a real doula helping people deliver their spiritual product in this world. Thank you Emily, the world needs your gifts!

What You’ll Receive


🌟 6 live teaching sessions

🌟 7 live group Q&A sessions

🌟 3 facilitated co-writing sessions

🌟 3 feedback sessions with your Writing Pods

🌟 Private FB group

🌟 Peer feedback and review on your writing as the book takes shape

🌟 Rolodex of resources and tools for writing and publishing



Everything above, plus

💎 6 x 45-minute private sessions with Emily (starts as soon as you sign up!)

💎A personalized audio of creative activation

💎 Emily’s personal feedback and review on your book

Only 3 places available. FULLY TAKEN

Enrollment is now CLOSED.

Do reach out to me at emily (at) if you wish to be put on the waiting list and notified when the next round of Magically Written starts again.

Caroline Tremayne
Voice Artist, Australia

My Creative Inception with Emily was a powerful process that gave me a broader overview and aerial shot of what I’ve created to date, the potentiality of my vision, and practical functionality in the marketplace.

It has allowed my creativity to flourish, giving me the confidence and clarity with a simple step-by-step process to bring my vision to life, emerging on the online world platform.

It’s great to have an idea and a want to make a difference in the world, but it takes a team of like-minded people to assist in this creative process.

It took Emily to assist me and identify the next steps for me to take to arrive at completion.

Thank you Emily for enabling me to bring my vision to life.

Lisa Berkovitz
Soul Mastery Coach, Toronto, Canada
Before my sessions with Emily, I had started writing my book, but was inconsistent with it. I was second-guessing my process, and some elements of how I wanted the book to be. That was causing me to feel frustrated, and like there was no easy way to get the book done.
After working with Emily, my path for the book became clear, and I realized that I had my own unique way of bringing it into form, which is also the same way I’ve successfully created other things in the past. I now feel clear, focused and confident about writing the book.
I would say to anyone thinking of working with Emily to take the leap if it feels right to you. She has a heart of gold, a clear passion for helping birth people’s books, and a unique gift for helping you become clear on the book that comes from your Soul, written in the way that’s true and right for you.
Mae Karthauser
Musician, Singer-songwriter, UK

It is enormously helpful to have a creative space held by Emily. She asks such powerful and poignant questions which opened my mind to what is possible and the beauty in the process. I am incredibly touched by Emily’s warmth. I feel so much freer and trusting of the creative process unfolding. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of creative support and mentoring.

About Me


Emily Nature is a published author, writing coach and book whisperer who helps conscious changemakers distill their soul medicine into books that uplift humanity. She supports people to connect with the soul of their books, translate that into engaging writing that flows, and write in a way that feels natural, joyful and easy.

Emily is a powerful channel for creative energy. In her presence, her clients get activated into their highest creative expressions with ease and pour forth some of the most impactful writing they’ve ever done.

She brings the right blend between Soul and Strategy, Flow and Structure, and uses her intuitive ability to tune into the souls of books and exactly what’s needed in that moment.

A natural storyteller, Emily shows her clients how to use storytelling and compelling writing to captivate readers. She brings all her years of experience as a copywriter, English teacher and magazine content manager to help you write your most soulful and impactful book.



If your heart calls you…

to receive support in birthing the book of your soul joyfully, but you’re still unsure if this program is for you, connect with me on a free Creative Diagnosis call.

In this 20-minute call, we’ll zero in on identifying your creative kryptonite, what’s blocking your writing process, and what would make the greatest difference for you in bringing this book forward.

We’ll also explore whether Magically Written is going to be a fit for you. Even if you choose not to join the program, you’ll still get so much clarity on your next steps!

Limited spaces available for this free Creative Diagnosis call until July 29 only. Book your place from the link below.