I distill the aroma and
give words to the inaudible music of life.

Come, Beloved, come roll in the sun-sweet garden of life with me.

I’m Emily Nature and I’m a…
Channel for Natural Elements,
Spiritual Advisor for Conscious Businesses,
Creative Conductor for your Soul Expression.

I was once asked, “Emily, what are 3 things that you could do, day in day out, for the rest of your life?”

My answer: “Being in nature, creating arts, and intuitive channeling.

This is magic to me: Living a creatively-oriented life, surrounded by nature, fully expressing the arts of my soul through writing, music, and arts, while helping others tuning into and being in touch with useful, actionable, relevant guidance from the unseen.

I feel deeply connected to natural living elements such as water, sunlight, plants, flowers, mountains, planets, stars… They speak to me often through “the inaudible music of life,” filled with messages that help awaken the fully-remembering human in all of us! So much wisdom is contained in this music, guiding us to a life of more harmony, more peace, more ease, more in alignment with our True Nature.

I never really learned to play any musical instruments until the age of 28. During my stay with the local Balinese people in Bali, every time I heard a particular native bamboo xylophone, tears kept rolling down my face. I had no idea why it had moved me so much. Sometime later, I sat in front of that instrument, my hands trembled, some faint memories of being able to play it in a very distant past came back, I cried as the knowledge had been forgotten. Fascinated, enchanted and mesmerized by Balinese music, I was determined to learn to play and join a local, men-only ensemble. It was an indescribable experience of being moved by a Divine force, having the music washed over my soul and being part of something much bigger than my small self.

I have always loved writing from a young age and have become a very prolific writer. Also, since the age of 4, I’ve already started singing, dancing, storytelling, public speaking and performing in front of an audience.

However, I didn’t have much luck with drawing, painting, or playing music. An arts teacher took my painting in front of the class and told everyone that was exactly what not to do… I quit arts altogether and hid behind the story of being totally incapable of it for a long time… Until I turned 31, my grandma passed away and the pain was too big, I returned to crayon drawing to find deep healing and solace. That marked the beginning of me stumbling upon the joy of painting and drawing as accompaniment for my written poetry.

What I’m really passionate about is helping others attune to and translate their Soul’s whispers. I shine a light on what’s been in the background and bring it to the foreground so that it can be transformed. I see unspoken patterns, invisible dynamics and unrealized potential, helping you receive cues from the unseen by your own Genius, so that you can fully express the music of your Soul and create your most magnificent life.

Most of all, I love helping you birth your creative projects into the world, being a conductor and doula for your creative brainchild!


Birth Your Creative Project

The Official Bio

Emily Nature is a lover and explorer of language, poetry, music, sensuality, cultures and human relationships. She can often be found swimming in waterfalls, rivers, lakes and the ocean, singing angelic songs, picking apples on organic farms, or slurping a bowl of hot noodle soup anytime, anywhere.

Emily loves being in communion with nature and channeling nature’s secrets to activate the fully-remembering human. She can give words to the inaudible music of life, or traverse mystical realms and waft their scent back to this plane. A steward for nature and sacred lands, she is part of a group of pioneering souls co-creating a New Earth.

Emily is a spiritual advisor for conscious businesses as well as a creative conductor/doula for those who want to birth their creative projects into the world. She helps people tap into their genius and create from an authentic place in alignment with their deeper nature, so that they can receive more opportunities, fulfillment and joy.  She can intuitively glimpse invisible patterns, potential and possibilities, translate information from the unseen, and bring them to the foreground for transformation.

Her career experience spans from Asia to Europe. She’s taught English and intercultural communication in high schools, managed ad campaigns for numerous multinational companies, run her own online business as a relationship and intimacy coach, helped other entrepreneurs with marketing and copywriting. She’s also managed the operation of a 150-seater restaurant and a boutique spa, run a team of 50+ staff, been in charge of sales, marketing and community development of a sustainable eco city, closing millions of dollars in sales.

A published author of the book Songs of the Rose: The Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart, Emily passionately supports the creation of more arts and beauty in the world.