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Working with me is all about uncovering your hidden magic as a human being, and as a woman (or a man).


Kiss me ~ and you'll know how important I am. -Sylvia Plath

Do you know that you are naturally, inherently attractive and magnetic?

Do you know that the odds are stacked in your favor, to have relationships you rejoice and delight in, and to have them be fun, delicious and effortless?

It’s not because you are somehow different. It is because you, just like me, are a human being.

As human beings, we were all born with this kit – I call it the Relationship Magic Kit – built into us, which helps us thrive in relationships. Most of us are not even aware of this; and even for those who are aware, we access only a tiny teeny portion of what’s available to us.

This is the kit that helps you be everything you ever want to be in relationships: attractive, funny, light-hearted, sexy, knowing the right thing to say and the right thing to do, resilient, fearless, confident, being able to move on easily from pain, etc.

The internet and self-help section of bookstores are inundated with articles and books on the three- or five-step strategies to help you with dating and relationships, to get him to call back, get laid, get married, get over heartbreak, etc. These strategies are not necessary once you’ve uncovered and learned to access your hidden relationship magic kit.

Once you’ve accessed this hidden inner magic, everything you do is just a natural expression of that. You don’t have to tear your hair out or twist your tongue ten times before saying something to someone. You don’t have to wonder when to text back or how to ask him where he thinks the relationship is going.

A client once asked me: ‘Emily, what is your strategy for dating?

I do not have a strategy. Everything I do is the most effortless, natural expression of my inner magic. And I have the best, the yummiest, most delicious relationships in my life right now. It’s so much fun. It is not always easy, but it is fulfilling and fun. Even when I thought I’d ‘screwed’ things up, my inner magic appeared and cleaned everything up pretty quickly to my amazement!

When we work together, I will be your guide to help you uncover the magic that’s been within you all along. Soon enough you’ll start seeing magic flying around in your life and relationships!


Here’s just some of the magic that has happened in my own life and my clients’ lives:

  • We find ourselves with intimate partners or men who honor, support, and cherish us
  • We feel adored, treasured and loved for exactly who we are
  • We feel at ease in our own skin and relaxed around men
  • Dating becomes fun instead of nerve-racking. We trust ourselves.
  • We effortlessly magnetize the right opportunities and people to us 
  • We experience a deep level of passion, intimacy and connection in our relationships
  • We know how to ask for what we need with grace and effectiveness 
  • We feel deeply fulfilled and satisfied


Emily Nature
Out of the work I did with Emily, I took a stay-cation that had me be very spacious and relaxed for two weeks. That resulted in openness for a new relationship. My first in 7 years. Now I'm enjoying a boyfriend who is so fun, supportive, loving, aligned, and wonderful. I'm still seeing the result of that unfold every day: being in a relationship I really love, with someone who is helping me manifest my goals.
Emily Nature
I've been gearing up for a healthy and powerful relationship for a while, and doing a lot of work on making it happen; the coaching with Emily was a crucial step in the journey. Already, just a few months after our session, I noticed huge changes in how people were responding to me and I had a huge spike of interest from men. I then met a really cool man, who’s an amazing mirror, very unique and interesting. Things are going strong, we have journeyed far in a short time. It feels solid from both sides... every minute we share is rich, loving and fun. And there is much love and respect... I can't believe how blessed i am so far. I'm so grateful to Emily for being instrumental in helping me manifest my heart's desire. I couldn't more highly recommend someone to assist on the path to love.


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So how do you start from here, if you’re keen to explore your inner magic?

The best way is to get in touch with me for a conversation. Magic often starts in a conversation! I’d like to have a talk to have a feel for where you’re at, what you need, and if I’m the right person to help you. I only work with a few private clients at a time (5 at most) and I want to ensure that there’s a great fit for us, and that it’s fun for me :)

The first step is to fill out this very short questionnaire. After receiving your answers, I’ll get back to you within 3 days to let you know if I think there might be a good synergy for us, and to arrange a call if that’s the case. Again here’s the link to the questionnaire.

To your magic,