Happy Clients


Read my client Molly's story here: From Independent Career Woman to Blissfully in Love

Working with Emily has been profound and made a big difference for me. When I came to her, I was so overwhelmed with all there was to do as an independent artist that I was short on sleep, not eating well, easy to anger, and had a desperate feeling almost constantly.

Since working with her I’ve felt so relieved--I am more relaxed and productive than I have ever been in relation to my business for the past two years, and I know I have a coach I can trust.

Out of our work together, I took a stay-cation that had me be very spacious for two weeks. That resulted in openness for a new relationship. My first in 7 years. Now I'm enjoying a boyfriend who is so fun, supportive, loving, aligned, and wonderful. I'm still seeing the result of that unfold every day: being in a relationship I really love, with someone who is helping me manifest my goals.

-- Dara Ackerman, San Francisco, USA

I've been gearing up for a healthy and powerful relationship for a while, and doing a lot of work on making it happen; the coaching with Emily was a crucial step in the journey. Already, just a few months after our session, I noticed huge changes in how people were responding to me and I had a huge spike of interest from men. I then met a really cool man, who’s an amazing mirror, very unique and interesting. Things are going strong, we have journeyed far in a short time. It feels solid from both sides... every minute we share is rich, loving and fun. And there is much love and respect... I can't believe how blessed i am so far. I'm so grateful to Emily for being instrumental in helping me manifest my heart's desire. I couldn't more highly recommend someone to assist on the path to love.

-– Devi Souljuice


Emily helped me save my relationship tonight. Her coaching on talking with men, and sharing what my needs are, in a clear, simple, compassionate, open and loving way made the difference between ending my relationship this evening, which is what I thought I was going to have to do.... or moving together to a new level of closeness, which is what I was able to do. Thank you dearest Emily. I am so grateful.

-- Anonymous, San Francisco, CA


-- Katrina Kerr, London, UK

"Before working with Emily, I was in a transition stage of my life - after a career burnout. Though my career was quite successful, I tended to prioritize it over relationship, work too much, then get emotionally and physically depleted. I was filled with a lot of fear about relationships, particularly, commitment issues - searching for perfection, and this lead to a lot of dating mishaps in the past year.

While working with Emily, I got to purge a lot of unneeded fears, understand the dynamics between masculine and feminine energy, and saw how that had influenced the type of men I was dating.

I am now in a great committed relationship with a man whom I have a deep connection with, who’s very supportive and respectful of my boundaries, willing to fit around my late working hours and make time for romance, and very eager to make it work. It’s so effortless with very little drama. I have also become more self-aware of what I want and felt at ease and confidence about taking things slowly at my own pace instead of going with what men want.

I feel more healthy, beautiful and sexy. I also feel more supported in life by various things. People and connection just seem to appear serendipitously to help me with what I do. Learning how to effectively communicate with men has also allowed me to have a smoother relationship with my client and get my needs met."

-- Jami, Designer, Australia


I was very serious about dating and struggled to connect to men without feeling a loss of independence. Working with Emily allowed me to tap into the feminine power I truly possess and have intimacy without co-dependency. Allowing me to approach the dating game with ease and dare I say it ENJOY the process!

-- Juanita Sinclair, Serial Entrepreneur and Author, UK


I decided to seek help from Emily at the age of 32 as I was struggling to meet emotionally available men and feeling inadequate as a woman as I was still single.

Emily has helped me learn more about my inner sense of self, rediscover the activities that fill my tank, embrace self-love and self-care, slow down so I can lead a more balanced life, not over-think situations, feel more confident with who I am and find happiness within me.

The biggest thing I've got out of coaching is my new understanding of feminine and masculine energy. I've valued being a strong, successful, independent career woman for the past decade. I found it difficult to accept help from men. I was the one who planned and organised dates and I would also pay my own way. But I now understand this is masculine energy and while it's been great for my career, it's blocked my ability to find love, and I need to leave it behind and embrace femininity. So I'm now learning to receive help, attention and compliments, stepping back and allowing other people to lead, being open and vulnerable, allowing men to provide for me and expressing my gratitude.

I'm still single but I'm ok with that. I feel so much more comfortable and confident with my inner sense of self. And I've learnt so much about men, women and relationships that I know when the time is right, and I do meet someone, I'll approach the relationship from a more relaxed, self-assured and understanding place.

We're not taught these life skills at school or by our parents. We struggle to work it out on our own through various relationships, experiences and talking to family and friends for their advice. But I found Emily's professional and impartial coaching invaluable and I would highly recommend it.

-- Rhiannon, Australia


-- Alison Sutton, Bath, UK


I had my session with Emily yesterday and wow, what a session! Thank you Emily for your magnificent attention and connection. You helped me go to places inside that I'd never had the strength or courage to do on my own, and the treasure you helped me to shine the light on is still glimmering and glistening with possibility. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to explore Love and R-elation-ships. Love to you Emily, from a glowing-on-the-inside Gill.

-– Gill Baronetti, South Africa


Since I listened to Emily’s audio guide to attracting men, I have had some “coincidences.” A random guy wrote me on FB to say I have a great smile and he is hoping we can be friends. I've had a couple guys who are strangers be friendly (with alluring smiles) while out at restaurants, on the street, etc. I also got a few emails from dating websites which doesn't normally happen.

-- Sarah, San Francisco, USA


I’ve been getting glimpses lately that there’s this one aspect of my life where I’ve been kind-of closed for a looong time. But in Emily’s wonderful presence and the space between us, it was like the rug was pulled out completely on it.

Three days after my conversation with Emily I’m still walking around in a wonderful state of bewilderment, like some scales have fallen from my eyes but what I can see is so “new” to me I can’t tell what I’m looking at. My conceptual mind hasn’t appropriated it yet - packaged it, filed it, reduced it. It’s a beautiful state to be in and wordless insights are abounding.

-- Emma McDevitt, UK

I experience waves of gratitude for Emily’s wisdom and help. With her coaching I came to understand that I needed help with deep rooted feelings of not being good enough. This was really undermining my confidence in being my authentic self.

Emily is very intuitive with her questioning and leads you to clarity quickly and easily. She helped me feel peaceful yet courageous and powerful. I regularly tap into my Higher Self but never fully embodied it within, but with Emily’s guidance I feel that it’s been integrated in my body. I have become more whole and expansive energetically and can now really feel and “see” the beauty and power of my essential self…..this is a beautiful gift I can draw strength from in my work with women on their journey to motherhood. There is no reason to hold back or be scared any more of who I really am. I am now good enough!

Any woman who wishes to nurture herself more, be more confident and embrace her true feminine and creative power would benefit from Emily’s coaching. Five twinkling stars for you Emily, thank you so much xx.

-- Jane Morley, UK

I was blown away by what I received in the first session with Emily.

Emily was very gentle and loving, while maintaining firm boundaries and holding me accountable at the same time. I felt an immediate sense of trust and was comfortable enough to open up and explore my challenges.

I realised that what I had thought to be a business issue was actually a relationship and communication issue.

Because of this, I was able to make an incredibly valuable shift in my mindset.

Within days I could see the results in my business, manifesting in a new client, renewed energy and more clarity and focus.

-– Vanessa Nixon Klein, “The Wellness Goddess”, Washington

All pressure and perceived barriers disappeared and I was free. Emily helped me to be able to listen to myself without feeling any kind of shame or fear. That's incredible.

Before my sessions with Emily, I felt heavy and low of energy. But afterwards I felt like I was flying and could jump and roll around without thinking of anything. I'm clear now and ready to enter life with new life energy. I felt very relaxed and accepted myself more. Emily made me love myself more! I want other women to get the same chance to talk to Emily and be able to connect to themselves as I've been able to.

-- Linn Paquay Uppman, Uppsala, Sweden

After the session with Emily, I realized at least 3 energy shifts had happened to me, thanks to her willingness to be fully engaged and reflecting back to me what I was feeling. This was my first session with her and I wish many more to come!

-- Iliostalakti Kontou, Amaliada, Greece

I’m thankful to Emily for empowering me to not settle for any less than what my heart truly desires, and gifting me the courage to seek that out through her brazenly truthful words. Now I am worshiping the holiness of my femininity and grace with such a vengeance it's almost tangible.

-- Courtney Grant, Perth, Australia

I have a whole new appreciation for my body and how it works! I lost several pounds in a matter of days and felt amazing.

-- Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, Colorado, USA

If I take sacred time every day to be very present to Emily’s energy, I will also be able to raise my own vibration. I find her energy helps me so much.

-- Erin Toussant Weesner, Florida, USA

I came to Emily seeking help to get past a mental block on working on my [project]. I was feeling a lot of shame and embarrassment... it was like a a huge mountain that I couldn’t ever hope to surpass. At the end of the call, the same task seems like a mini-adventure… a tiny snack… chocolate… nourishment… something I can enjoy immediately. I feel comfy, safe, and warm and smiling just thinking about it. If I had to describe the session in one word, it would be: Progress. After the call, I see measurable signs of progress. [I did things] very differently from what I would normally do. So a lot has changed. I feel rested, calm and at ease. I got confidence and focus. I also gained perspective on my situation. If you’re looking to make definite, practical changes to improve your lives and in need of someone who is as firm and direct, as she is supportive and caring, you’ll benefit from working with Emily.

-- Danielle Malone, Cork, Ireland