Case Study: From Independent Career Woman to Blissfully In Love… Read My Client’s Story

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If you ever feel that being successful in your career equates being lonely without a date, or that there is a mismatch between your personal and professional life, I have good news for you.

Here I’ll share with you the story of Molly who worked with me last year and how she’s found her dream partner.

When Molly first met me, she was in a transition stage of her life – after a career burnout. An independent woman, she had traveled and worked in many different countries across Asia, Europe and Australia. Though her career was quite successful, it was detrimental to her health and relationships. She tended to prioritize career over relationship, work too much, then get emotionally and physically depleted.

She was also filled with fear about relationships after watching her parents go through many divorces. Particularly, she had issues with trust and commitment where she was constantly searching for perfection. This had led to a lot of dating mishaps in the previous years.

When we started working together, Molly got to understand the dynamic between masculine and feminine energy. She said, “I saw how masculine minded I was due to a career mother role and my own high pressure work environment, and how this had influenced the type of men I was dating.” Molly slowly learned to embrace and embody her innate feminine energy, knowing it would be pivotal to having the kind of relationship she wanted.

Through embodiment practices, consciously completing relationships, and purging unneeded fears, Molly slowly became stronger and more centered. She started to approach things more openly and bravely rather than think of potential problems.


During this time, an amazing job opportunity arose for Molly which she was considering saying no, due to fear of returned burnout. Instead, we looked at the amazing potential it could be and Molly agreed to the role.

The role had turned out to be better than she could possibly imagine – creative, high paid, lots of travel while still being able to live close to her family, and allowing her time to do yoga every day. Interestingly it was also a role which let her design her own unique lifestyle, be more feminine, while not even changing her career, and gave her more emotional/mental space to have relationships.

While working with me, Molly started learning how to communicate effectively with men. It allowed her to have a smoother relationship with her client and get her needs met. “He agreed to everything I proposed and wanted me to always tell him if I needed something.” Molly was pleasantly surprised that knowing how to ask for what she wanted from men could make such a big difference.

Molly started feeling more healthy, sexy and beautiful. She shared with me, “I’m doing lots of things on my own, such as driving myself to the beach to enjoy the day, like a date with myself, whereas before I think I was subconsciously waiting for a man to come into my life or even a friend to join me.” She also felt more supported in life by various things. People and connections just seemed to appear serendipitously to help her with what she did.


Molly then moved back into the dating world and met some interesting men. Like most women, Molly was conditioned to please; however, the embodiment work we did together had helped a lot, in her words, “I’m getting more discerning about what my body wants and taking things slowly at my own pace instead of going with what the men want.”

At one point Molly started to get anxious about her ticking biological clock. She had met a few nice men but none of them seemed ‘right.’ She was also tempted to go back to her ex. The connection between them was strong, but she kept feeling like she had been waiting for him and his commitment forever while he never made any move for her. Her head was filled up with thinking whether to wait for her ex or to break up with her new date.

Our sessions helped her feel relaxed again about dating and about having kids. Molly realized she needed time to be with herself and know herself more intimately. While she was putting all her focus on the outside on the men, she had lost touch with what was really important to her.

Soon enough, she got clearer and clearer about what she wanted and felt confident about meeting the right person at the right time. Molly particularly loved knowing that there is a Divine Timing for everything, like fruits ripening on the vine, ‘when it’s our time, we fall.’

divine feminine

Just when Molly had released all attachment to meeting a man in her timing, she met Scott. It was so effortless we didn’t even notice it’d happened! At one point Molly worried that Scott would disappear when he learned about her ‘imperfections,’ but he stuck around. She has learned to slowly move through the dating stages instead of jumping straight to commitment, as a way to find out if they were ‘right’ for each other.

Molly is now in a beautiful committed relationship with Scott whom she has a deep connection with, who’s supportive and respectful of her boundaries, and very eager to make it work. “Things are going really well. He’s so willing to fit around my late working hours and make time for romance,” shared Molly. Their relationship is effortless with very little drama, lots of slowing down together and savoring intimacy.

On one hand I’m so thrilled for Molly. On the other hand, this kind of transformation happens so often for the women I work with that I could see it coming.

If and when you’re ready to have the relationship of your dream and would like me to collaborate with you to make it happen, do reach out to me at emily @

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