Have you ever had the experience of finding complete bliss with a partner – for a while – until it’s not bliss anymore and then it makes you feel like you’re not enough, or you’re not loved, or you don’t matter… or it’s just not ‘completing’ you anymore?

If you have, then the podcast I’m sharing with you today is for you.

In this podcast, interviewed by intuitive business coach Kiara O’Leary, I’ve opened up and shared how you can find the lover that never leaves WITHIN, for lasting love and happiness.

Key takeaways include:

Why your past partners (and maybe even current) treated you in a way that is less than ideal – how your relationships are great feedback mechanisms for how your own self-love journey is going.

“You make me so happy” – why these words are incorrect. How we often mistake the happiness we create for ourselves from within as being created by another.

How our desire to be loved actually takes us AWAY from the love we want (we can get so distracted by sharing love that we forget to love and appreciate ourselves).

What needs to be similar and aligned in a relationship for it to work, and what are the things that we can disagree on happily.

How to remove the pressure in a relationship to suddenly find it’s so much more fulfilling than you perceived it to be with all those loaded expectations beforehand.

Click here to listen on iTunes.

Or if you prefer to listen online, without an iTunes account, click here.

Do listen as I’m sure you’ll find more than one insightful nugget, and let me know if you have any questions.

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Lots of love,


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