It’s Okay to Have Desires!


Yesterday, there was something I wanted so badly, and I couldn’t do it all on my own to achieve it. I had to ask my partner for his support.

It had to do my deepest desire and deepest yearning, something I’ve incubated for more than two years: My mission to help women find love within themselves, connect with who they really are, and embody their femininity.

When I realized I needed his help, I was really scared. I felt so vulnerable coming to him asking for support, so I tried to avoid the intensity and discomfort in the conversation by getting into sideway distractions.… Read more

My Deepest Wish For Women

It is my wish that no women have to go through her pain and challenges all on her own, no matter how shameful, illogical, or totally made-up it seems. Every woman needs and deserves to have someone who loves, supports, and believes in her more than she believes in herself - a friend, a sister, a confidante.

I want all women to know that it’s okay to feel shaky, vulnerable, and uncertain, it’s okay to need help. I want all women to have the experience of being held in a warm embrace of absolute love and care, to feel a deep sense of connection and trust, of total openness in relaxation.… Read more