The Un-owned, Unattached


I am sitting here in this beautiful home, enjoying this beautiful life… and realizing there are so very few things that I own here.

The yoga mat I’m using every morning is being lent to me by my former landlord, indefinitely…

The earphones for my cell phone are being lent to me by a Balinese friend, indefinitely.

The cable for my iPod touch was given by a friend.

Even the iPod touch itself – the 2010 model that can only run on iOS 5.1.1 – was given to me by the school I was teaching at.

I didn’t even buy this laptop or this phone I’m using.… Read more

An Almost Disastrous Valentine’s Day

self hug 2

I almost had a disastrous Valentine’s Day… it could have been the worst in my life so far, and thankfully I have turned it around in time to be the most memorable.

Through this experience, I’m humble to realize that I am just a human being with my flaws and foibles… and in standing vulnerably in the midst of that, I am actually able to relate, identify, and serve other women so much more than pretending that I have it all together.

In the past few weeks I’ve been offering complimentary sessions for single women who are looking to find their partners this year.… Read more

One True Moment of Love



Daniel Ladinsky wrote, “One true moment of love/ Will last for days.”

My encounter with the Divine today was a moment like that. And it took some kind of preparation for me to be ready to receive such a moment…

Today is Galungan, the Balinese New Year’s Day.

In the morning, I decided to join my Balinese family to go to the temple. So I took a shower, washed my hair, put on my most elegant white top and my favorite moss green sarong, wore my loveliest earrings, put my hair up in a bun… I felt so beautiful and so eager… there was a quiet flow and serenity in waiting…

Waiting for my landlady to get ready… then we’d go pray to God together.… Read more

Are You Taking Life Too Seriously?


What did you use to do tirelessly and spontaneously as a kid?

At age 3, I used to sing non-stop like a bird! I sang in the house, on the street, while perching on a window-sill, when the adults were working, I sang eagerly, loudly, proudly, with abandon.

At age 4, I usually sat on the kitchen floor at my grandparents’, totally absorbed into building odd-shaped “houses” from their empty pill bottles.

By the time I was 8, I had been writing a plethora of short stories.

My debut “magazine” was self-published at age 9: a simple notebook filled with my poems, stories, different columns from beauty, fitness, to entertainment, trends, even fashion illustrations among drawings of flowers and birds.… Read more

How To Eliminate B.S. From Your Life


One day, it hit me that I had spent my entire life listening to and believing in all the B.S. that I was too young, I was not evolved enough, I didn’t have enough training and experience, I needed to do abcxyz then I would be qualified.

Can you relate? Do you remember those pesky people, friends, family members, and even the voice inside your head that keep putting you down – out of their genuine concerns for you – expressing their doubts about your ability and telling you that you weren’t enough – not beautiful, competent, savvy, smart, graceful, rich, slim enough?… Read more

What Language Are You Learning Today?


It seems that once we’re really committed to a person, or committed to loving them, or open to truly loving them, we’ll come to love the parts of them that we didn’t like initially.

I can only speak from my own experience. When I first came to Bali, I didn’t like Indonesian food at all. It was weird. I’d very much prefer Thai or Vietnamese food when it comes to Southeast Asian cuisine. The Indonesian cooking style was just not to my liking. I told people that the food here was just so-so for me.

And yet after more than a year living here, I am already so in love with Indonesian food.… Read more

Which Way Do You Choose To Live Your Life?

There are two ways to live: to be willing to be vulnerable, with one’s heart wide open, to ‘bleed willingly and joyfully’ as Khalil Gibran put it, to leave nothing unsaid and express one’s truth and risk being hurt, OR to shy away from the potential pain and hide out in mental constructs, numbing oneself out with food, work, busy-ness, and addiction to justifications with the mind.… Read more

How To Get The Most Value out of Your Period (plus What To Eat)


Do you know that your period is an asset that you can leverage and get amazing ‘value’ out of, instead of being a drain and dread? And that it can be peaceful and blissful too?

Symptoms during your period like discomfort, low energy, lower abdominal pain, backache, irritation, etc. are NOT normal. At least, they don’t have to be that bad, if you let your diet support you.… Read more

You Set The Standard, Ladies.


A married man in his late 30s once said to me, “I’ve dated several women in my life, and every one of them has been exceptional. What I’ve observed is that many of these exceptional women, unfortunately, do not know their worth and allow themselves to be with men who don’t treat them at the level they deserve. They allow themselves to be with men who are, practically, jerks. I know this because I used to be one myself.”

Ouch.… Read more

Something Only YOU Know


In the face of millions of confusing, contradicting information messages coming at us from all sorts of experts, telling you what’s best to eat, how to stop the mind chatter, how to get your partner to stop ignoring you, (e.g. hey, you should meditate, or have a green smoothie a day, or don’t eat raw food ever, or write a gratitude journal, etc.) the ONLY THING I know to be true is: What’s true is what’s true for YOU.

You have the responsibility and the duty to tune into your body and observe how something makes you feel and resonates with you.… Read more