Delicious Relationship Tip: Bringing Every Desire Into Form with Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

masculine-feminine Have you been struggling to turn your dreams into reality? Are you curious about how to bring your deepest desires – whether it’s a relationship, a dream house, a vacation, a project – into tangible form in a harmonious, effortless way?

Read on for this week’s Delicious Relationship tip…

Q: In our conversations you’ve mentioned several times the harmony of the inner masculine and feminine. I would be interested to know more about these two roles. Why is it important and how does it work practically? 

A: Thanks for asking. This is one of the keystones in my teaching for women.… Read more

Delicious Relationship Tip: ‘Can’t Get Them To Do It The Way I Wanted It Done’


TIP#6 Have challenges communicating with men at work? Find it difficult to get men to accomplish the tasks the way you want them done?

Read on for this week’s Delicious Relationship Tip, taken straight out of one of my coaching sessions. Remember, all relationships in our lives matter, whether it’s intimate or professional…


Hi Emily, 

I’m working with a team of men who are doing the supporting work for my project and I need the work quality to be very high in order to show to the client.

In the past, my experience working with such teams was pretty bad.Read more

Delicious Relationship Tip: How Not To Be Needy

abundance 2

We all know that being needy is such a turn off. It’s one of the reasons we push what we want away. But if you truly want and need something… how not to be needy?

For example, when you’ve been single for too long and you really want an intimate relationship for all the wonderful benefits it would bring, or when you’re in a relationship and you just want so much more from it than what it’s currently giving you, what do you do?

This week’s Delicious Relationship Tip will address this.

When a woman’s life is so full, so rich, so filled with creativity, pleasure, beauty, exhilaration, contribution and meaning, love and connection with herself, with other beings – both humans and non-humans, with God and the Universe, she would then have a natural desire to share it with a man.… Read more

Delicious Relationship Tip: Asking For What You Need From Men

empowered_women Three weeks ago I addressed the issue of wanting more emotional intimacy with one’s partner when he doesn’t seem to be available for more.

If you missed that newsletter, click here to read it.

The foundation to emotional intimacy in a relationship is emotional intimacy with oneself, first and foremost. 

That means, being open, real and honest with yourself, with your deepest dreams and desires, hopes and longings, as well as concerns, fears and wounds. It also means being able to be with all of your emotions without trying to fix or change them.

One client had taken the coaching and seen the ways in which she had not been open and honest with herself while wanting someone else to do it for her.… Read more

Delicious Relationship Tip: Getting The Emotional Support You Need From Him

Can you hear me?


Have you ever felt ignored or un-cared for in your relationship, as if your partner is not sensitive to your emotional needs, and you don’t feel welcomed to share what’s going on with you emotionally?

Do you ever feel that you always want to talk to him more than he wants to talk to you, and there’s always that nagging fear of taking up too much of his time, but if you don’t get to express yourself then it doesn’t feel that good either?

We’re exploring this topic in this week’s Delicious Relationship Tip: How to get the emotional support you need from your partner.… Read more

Delicious Relationship Tip: For When You Find Them Selfish, Thoughtless, Stubborn…


Every one of us might just have been in relationship dynamics where we find the other person negative, selfish, thoughtless, stubborn, inconsiderate, foolish, upsetting, [insert your own description of them here], and we just want them to change for the better.

When this concerns someone we love such as an intimate partner or a family member, it can be even more challenging when all nagging seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

If you have felt frustrated, angry, resigned, embarrassed, triggered, or drained toward your loved one’s behaviors, you’re not alone.

In the 10-min audio below taken from a coaching session with a client (who’s given me permission to share it), I share about what ‘love’ exactly means, and how I dealt with a long standing situation concerning my dad where he just consistently refused to do what we wanted from him.… Read more

Delicious Relationship Tip: “I Want Emotional Intimacy But He’s Not Opening Up To Me”

i want emotional intimacy


I’m starting a series of Delicious Relationship Tips where I’ll share with you some of the most frequently asked questions from my private coaching clients (with their details and identities protected of course).

These questions are very universal, so you’ll find lots of value from reading or listening to my answers to them.

If you have any questions that you want to ask me, please email them to emily (at) with subject “Question for Emily”.

The first one in the series is about emotional intimacy with one’s partner… Enjoy!


“I want more emotional intimacy but my partner is not opening up to me.”

Q: I want to have deep, quality conversations with my boyfriend and talk about our feelings but he doesn’t want to open up to me.Read more

The Lover

fe sensual


I want to tell you about my lover.

You’ve heard about the many lovers I’ve had.

Sakti – my home.

Phalae – my moon orchids.

Rinjani – the moutain.

But today, I want to tell you about my first and foremost lover.

She’s my Queen. My little girl. My woman. My goddess. My enchantress. My sweetheart.

She’s a writer, she’s a dancer, she’s a traveler, she’s an explorer, she’s a giggler, a singer, a laugh-cracker, a crying mess, a kitty cat, a smoothie sorceress, a warrior.

But first and foremost, she’s my lover.… Read more

Drilling Down to The Source of Pain. Why Did It Hurt So Much?


Last month, I stopped seeing a man I had been seeing for a while.

It was my decision, and yet, for the following few days, I still noticed the sadness, angst, and discomfort in me.

At one point, I realized, I was being upset that he didn’t want to communicate with me about this decision.

He didn’t want to have a conversation with me at all.

One morning, as I was lying on my yoga mat, under the sun, stroking my body, my heart, my chest, as part of my morning embodiment practice, I started to tremble with tears, when I felt in my body how much I loved him.… Read more

An Impossible Amount of Patience

bali-homestay-cepaka The Balinese are incredible teachers about patience. The amount of time they occur to sit around and wait for a ceremony to begin is just mind boggling. Adults would take a day off from work to prepare for a ceremony... and then wait for the pemangku (priest) to come. Nobody knows when he will arrive, because the pemangku is a very busy man. He has to conduct ceremonies in many different places, and there are traffic jams and what-nots... So the Balinese wait in patience, from morning, until whenever the pemangku shows up. All other work is put aside. In the meantime, they beautify their temple, adorn the columns with colored fabric, make offerings with banana leaves, gather at the hall and chat with each other... No one knows when the ceremony will start. If you ask them, the answer will always be, "Soon." However I don't see them whining or frowning or being upset (from their facial expressions). Everyone is so calm. It seems that it's so normal for them. This brings me to contemplate about our usual response when something we're really looking forward to is still not arriving yet. Maybe it's a soulmate, a partner in a relationship. Maybe it's that break in business. Maybe it's that one opportunity that would make a difference to our career or bank account.