Have you ever struggled to come to an agreement with your partner, where you two are coming from two different places? Perhaps one of you wants something that the other doesn’t, and you’re trying to meet in the middle.

Chances are, it can be difficult to find clarity in that whole mess of trying to not to overcompromise or lose yourself, knowing what you want, honoring yourself, while honoring your partner’s needs, staying open to possibilities and stretching your boundaries.

I’ve been there and done that. In this case, the boundary was around my former boyfriend’s desire for a polyamorous relationship (i.e. wanting to experience sexual intimacy with more than one person).

In the podcast I’m sharing with you today, interviewed by Lian Brook-Tyler from Primal Happiness, I talked about my experience exploring past my boundaries and testing my edges in that relationship… and finding out what I do and do not want. This topic of exploring our boundaries can apply to all of us.

Key takeaways:

- What you and your partner can do to provide a safe space for both to explore your boundaries

- Why NOT knowing who you are, what you want or don’t want is a powerful place to be, first and foremost (so much freedom and curiosity can come from that place)

- The understanding that allows us to feel safe and well even when we’re exploring past our edges.

This was a very personal, raw and real episode, I’ve never revealed so much in an interview like this. I hope you enjoy and learn lots from the sharing of my experience

Click here to listen. 

Let me know if you have any comments or questions. And if you find this valuable, please share it with your friends!

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