About Me

While being single can be fun and powerful for a while, if it drags on too long it can feel frustrating and depressing. The same goes for being in an unfulfilling relationship, or wallowing in pain.

This is where I can help.

My gift is in helping people uncover their hidden magic as human beings, so that they can have joyful, delicious relationships with themselves and with others.

So what do you say to falling deeply in love with yourself and with the people in your life? :)



I play multiple roles in life: a writer, poet, speaker, storyteller, translator, dancer, singer, lover, teacher, coach, musician-wannabe, she-wolf, high-achiever, team leader, connector, and everything in between.

Yet, that’s not who I am. Those are just the roles I play, for fun, because I can, and because I want to. Who I really am, just as who you really are, and who we all really are, cannot be described with words or labels. It is the essence of Life behind all of those roles. Who we really are is the formless energy that creates Life.

Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re a daughter, a girlfriend, a wife, a manager, a consultant, a business owner? Do you think you’re a failure in love, a not-good-enough woman, an undesirable partner ?

The work that I do with men and women is all about helping you uncovering the hidden magic within you, uncovering your True Identity.

Needless to say, I had to do it myself first and foremost. So now here’s my story…


Where it all started

Many years ago, one November night in Hawaii, on yet another solo trip, I found myself sitting in the dark with sadness dashing in like bitter winds.

My heart was throttled by anguish. Tears erupted like hot lava from the inside, gushing down my face.

For years I had been traveling all around the world on my own, having a lifestyle of fun and adventures, earning all the rewards, accolades and money at work and in competition…

But in that moment I was keenly present to how lonely I was feeling, how much I was longing to be loved and how desperately I was wanting a man in my life.

I had been super independent, capable and high-achieving… Whatever I wanted to do, I could do it; whatever I set my eyes on, I could have it. But having love and having a partner were so out of reach.

My deepest yearning had always been to be in love with a very special man. But all I could do at the time was to impress others with my brain power, dominate, control, over-achieve, and compete.

That fateful night in Hawaii was a watershed moment. I started diving headlong within to find the love that’d been there all along, and discovering my inner magic as a human being, and as a woman.



Here are a few things I’ve discovered

- There is a wondrous magnificence, beauty and perfection to the way we are designed to relate with each other.

When we understand how the system works, relationships become so effortless and fun. It is meant to be this way. It is meant to be so elegantly simple. Relationships are not supposed to be hard, they are not reserved just for ‘evolved’ people who are willing to ‘do the work.’ When men and women relate to one another in the way that our design has intended for us, there is such deliciousness, playfulness and wonderment.

- We are inherently, naturally attractive. We are designed to thrive in relationships. We are built to have AMAZING relationships.

However, when we misunderstand our true identity and capacity, then we show up in crooked ways that repel those we love and want from us.

For example, out of misunderstanding, high flying career women (just like me in the past) unconsciously say and do things that repel men from them, without even knowing why. It is this misunderstanding that has everything to answer for their lack of ‘success’ in relationships.

Everything that has ever gone ‘awry’ in a relationship is always down to a misunderstanding: when we think that life works in a way that is not how life actually works. Clear that misunderstanding and we’re back to joy.

- No matter what happens, we are always okay.

We can be in or not in a relationship, our relationship may come to an end, people come and go, we may never date again (quite unlikely!) – But no matter what happens, we are always okay.

I’m not talking about okay in the ‘blah’ sense of okay. I’m talking about a deep sense of okayness, a deep sense of well-being, security and peace.

This deep sense of well-being is our baseline for life. It is what we always stand upon. It is our foundation that we can always fall back on, it is our home that we can always return to. It is always there for us, regardless of what’s going on in our external relationships.



What you might not know about me

- I’ve had a few heartbreaks that were devastating, debilitating. Out of those experiences, I have emerged a completely different person. I realize that I do not need to feel afraid if my relationships are going to end. If they do end, I will be okay anyway, even though the experience can be extremely uncomfortable. Also, if a relationship ends, it means Life has a much, much grander plan in store for me, which I can’t see from here yet.

- I’ve experienced way more pleasure than I ever thought was possible. It is through dropping in to my sensual side as a woman, playing with sensuality, dancing with the masculine – feminine dynamics, and knowing that it’s all just a game. My body is a pleasure portal that I’m only starting to discover. It’s an endlessly fun and curious exploration. (And this is available to every woman!)

- Sometimes I’m still feeling lonely. I have a very big capacity for time spent alone, but loneliness still creeps in from time to time. And it’s okay. It’s part of our experience of life. Sometimes I catch myself running away from loneliness, and it’s okay that I do that too.

- It seems I just can’t get enough time being alone! (so contradicting to the previous point haha) Some of the sweetest, most nourishing, most beautiful and poignant time I’ve ever had was when being alone in my own sweet company.

- I’ve been sexually harassed a few times. The first time I didn’t know how to handle it. Over time I’ve learned lots about cross-gender communication and body language. So it’s my passion to find out how we as women can relate to men in ways that honor both of us, and then to share this with other women and men.

- My relationships with men are just AMAZING. Not just intimate partners, but also friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. With the exception of the cases of harassment (see previous point), for the most part, I feel cherished, honored, supported, and deeply respected. This is the one area of my life that I am SO grateful for. I think of those days in the past when I was a very self-sufficient woman who wanted to prove that I could do it all… NO there’s no way I’m going back!! Men enrich our lives manifold, as women. It’s an understatement to say that having beautiful, harmonious relationships with men is totally transformative to any woman!

- I have a special gift of being able to cut through complex relationship problems with laser-sharp insights and bring light to the unseen in the background. A friend once called me a ‘translator’ – someone who translates the shadow, the invisible, into the light, into the tangible. In a coaching context, it means I can see underlying patterns  and draw people’s attention to what’s going on behind the scene that they might’ve been missing.

- I now live in Bali and have worked with people from many different countries: US, UK, Australia, Europe, Singapore, etc.


pura besakih


What I Wish You to Know

It’s not a woman’s physical beauty, it is who she’s being that will magnetize the right men to her and have men rise to their greatness.

It is an extraordinary gift to be a woman. It is a privilege, a joy, a pleasure.

Lastly, this experience of being human is to be savored, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

If you’re curious about working with me, check out what that might look like here.